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Project Type

Custom Design Commission


June 2022


University of Washington, Seattle Main Campus

Honoring Native students graduating from the University of Washington (formerly named Raven’s Feast) is a tradition started by Marvin Oliver in the mid-70’s. It started with only a few students that he gifted with original art prints. Today it has grown into a huge event, with hundreds of students, family, and friends attending each year. Marvin was my teacher, colleague, and friend of mine. His teachings were passed on to me, like a salmon spawning. Thus came the idea of a circular design, show casing salmon at different stages in their life, forming a never ending cycle of CONTINUITY.
More importantly, salmon represent self-determination, perseverance, and prosperity...all traits needed of college graduate. Just like salmon, who stop at nothing to reach their goal, you too fought through unprecedented challenges and obstacles to earn your degree from a distinguished college like the University of Washington. You traveled away from your homes, grew physically, mentally and emotionally. You were challenged every day, and every day you persevered. And in the future, you will pass on your legacy.

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