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Since time immemorial, Renton has been home to many indigenous people from all over the region.  Many of these families lived along the Black River, which was a confluence of the Cedar and White River(now known as Green River).  South Lake Washington emptied into the Black River, which then emptied into the Duwamish river.  The construction of the Ballard Locks Ship Canal in 1916 caused the lake level to drastically lower, causing the Black River to dry up.  This, along with the rapid expansion and colonization of Seattle, pushed the Coast Salish people out of Renton.  

Although many of the Indigenous people left, many remained.  And today, many other Nations have found their way to Renton, which they now call home.  The Black River Cultural Arts Center was created as a safe space to shed more light on the arts and cultures of the often over-looked Native American Community in our region.  It is our hope to share our cutlure with the residents and visitors of Renton, creating a "CONFLUENCE OF COMMUNITIES"

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